Last updated: January 03, 2019

Welcome to the DEMO version of PharmWare™

Every unit of data on this DEMO has been generated randomly for the sole purpose of demonstrating the functionality of the platform. Every reference to existing Person, Email, Company Name, Address, Strain Name and Test Result data is purely casual.

PharmWare™ is the result of a long collaboration between San Diego's premium cannabis testing and analysis laboratory PharmLabs LLC and the engineering team at 42+0 Technologies. It is now available to selected cannabis laboratories as a business solution software for the automation of orders, CRM, data input, sample tracking, result delivery, certificate of analysis, labeling, and much more.

You can CLICK HERE to access the administrative part of platform;

You can CLICK HERE to access the platform as a client (you are welcome to create your own client account or login into any of the existing users with password 123456 and the email visible in the administrative dashboard);

For technical inquiries: hello@420tech.orgFor licensing inquiries: